Wages by Country

ContinentCountryCapital CityFlagPopulationTotal AreaUTCTimeWeekHrlyAnnualDescEffective
AfricaAlgeriaAlgiersdz38,700,0002,381,740 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$1.34$2,786Wage Desc
18,000 Algerian dinars per month, nationally.[8][11][12]
AfricaAngolaLuandaao20,609,2941,246,700 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm44 hrs$0.89$2,044Wage Desc
15,003.00 kwanza per month; paid thirteen times a year.[14][15]
AfricaBeninPorto-Novobj10,323,000112,622 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.36$743Wage Desc
31,625 CFA francs per month; the government set minimum wage scales for a number of occupations.[15][33]
AfricaBotswanaGaboronebw2,024,904581,730 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$0.26$643Wage Desc
3.8 Botswana pula ($0.58) an hour for most full-time labor in the private sector; 2.0 ($.26) Botswana pula for domestic workers or approximately 16 pula ($2.05) a day; 408 Botswana pula ($52.31) per month for workers in the agriculture sector.[8]
AfricaBurkina FasoOuagadougoubf17,322,796274,000 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm40 hrs$0.39$815Wage Desc
34,664 CFA francs per month.[8][47]
AfricaBurundiBujumburabi10,163,00027,834 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; in the past the government set the minimum wage, but during the year the minimum wage was set by market forces.[8][33]
AfricaCameroonYaoundécm20,386,799475,442 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.41$853Wage Desc
36,270 CFA francs ($75) per month.[8][50]
AfricaCape VerdePraiacv491.8754,033 km2-1Wed 04:04 pm44 hrsWage Desc
None; in the public sector 12,000 Cape Verdean escudos per month for an entry‑level worker.[53][54]
AfricaCentral African RepublicBanguicf4,616,000622,984 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm52 hrs$0.10$216Wage Desc
Set in the public sector by decree and varies by sector and by kind of work; for example, approximately 8,500 CFA francs ($17) per month for agricultural workers; approximately 26,000 CFA francs ($51) per month for government workers.[53]
AfricaChadN'Djamenatd12,825,0001,284,000 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm39 hrs$0.70$1,410Wage Desc
59,995 CFA francs ($120) per month, 355 CFA francs per hour.[8][55][56]
AfricaComorosMoronikm743.7982,235 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$0.83$1,724Wage Desc
55,000 Comorian francs ($150) per month.[8]
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo-BrazzavilleBrazzaville4,448,000342,000 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm45 hrs$0.20$475Wage Desc
1,680 Congolese francs ($1.83) per day.[8][66]
AfricaRepublic of the Congo-KinshasaKinshasacd67,514,0002,344,860 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm35 hrs$0.70$1,269Wage Desc
54,000 CFA francs ($109) per month in the formal sector.[8]
AfricaDjiboutiDjiboutidj87323,200 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; canceled by the 2006 Labor Code for occupational categories, establishing that wages be set after common agreement between employers and employees. For public sector workers, minimum wage was 35,000 DFJ ($198) per month.[53]
AfricaEgyptCairoeg86,127,000980,869 km2-6Wed 11:04 am48 hrsWage Desc
None; for the public sector the minimum wage is LE 1,200 ($174) per month.[8]
AfricaEquatorial GuineaMalabogq736.29628,051 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm35 hrs$1.67$3,033Wage Desc
129,035 CFA franc ($260).[8]
AfricaEritreaAsmaraer6,333,000117,600 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm44.5 hrsWage Desc
None; 360 Eritrean nakfa ($24) per month in the public sector.[8]
AfricaEthiopiaAddis Ababaet86,613,9861,104,300 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; some government institutions and public enterprises set their own minimum wages: public sector employees, the largest group of wage earners, earned a monthly minimum wage of 420 birrbirr ($23); employees in the banking and insurance sector had a minimum monthly wage of 336 birr ($18).[8]
AfricaGabonLibrevillega1,672,000267,668 km2+0Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$1.70$3,526Wage Desc
150,000 CFA francs ($302) per month; government workers received an additional monthly allowance of 20,000 CFA francs ($40) per child; government workers also received transportation, housing, and family benefits; the law does not mandate housing or family benefits for private sector workers.[8][88]
AfricaThe GambiaBanjulgm1,849,00011,295 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm48 hrs$0.16$405Wage Desc
50 dalasi ($1.47) per day.[8]
AfricaGuineaConakrygn10,824,200245,857 km2+0Thu 12:00 am48 hrsWage Desc
The labor code allows the government to set a minimum hourly wage; however, the government has not exercised this provision except for setting the minimum wage for domestic workers at 440,000 GNF ($63.36) per month.[8]
AfricaGuinea-BissauBissaugw1,704,00036,125 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm45 hrs$0.19$447Wage Desc
19,030 CFA francs ($38) per month plus a bag of rice[8]
AfricaIvory CoastYamoussoukroci+0Wed 05:04 pm
AfricaKenyaNairobike44,354,000580,367 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm52 hrs$0.25$689Wage Desc
Set by the government by location, age and skill level; the lowest urban minimum wage was 11,995 shillings ($139) per month, and the lowest agricultural minimum wage for unskilled employees was 4,854 shillings ($57) per month, excluding housing allowance.[8][117][118]
AfricaLesothoMaseruls2,074,00030,355 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm45 hrs$0.64$1,504Wage Desc
1,029 maloti ($119) per month to 1,122 maloti ($130) per month; varied by sector.[8]
AfricaLiberiaMonrovialr4,294,000111,369 km2+0Thu 12:00 am48 hrs$0.20$509Wage Desc
15 Liberian dollars ($0.31) per hour not exceeding 8 hours per day, excluding benefits, for unskilled laborers; 5,600 LD ($114) per month for civil servants.[8]
AfricaLibyaTripolily6,202,0001,759,540 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$2.06$4,286Wage Desc
450 Libyan dinars per month; the government heavily subsidizes rent and utilities.[8][128][129][130]
AfricaMadagascarAntananarivomg21,263,403587,041 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm43 hrs$0.29$642Wage Desc
124,243.00 Malagasy ariary per month, 716.80 ariary per hour for non-agricultural workers; 126,000.00 ariary per month, 630.00 ariary per hour for agricultural workers.[8][15]
AfricaMalawiLilongwemw16,363,000118,484 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$0.28$690Wage Desc
MK 551 per day.[8][137][15]
AfricaMaliBamakoml15,302,0001,240,190 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm48 hrs$0.27$669Wage Desc
28,465 CFA francs ($57), supplemented by a required package of benefits, including social security and health care.[8]
AfricaMauritaniaNouakchottmr+0Wed 05:04 pm45 hrs$0.52$1,214Wage Desc
30,000 Mauritanian ouguiya ($100) per month for adults.[8][145][146]
AfricaMauritiusPort Louismu1,257,9002,040 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm45 hrs$0.45$1,050Wage Desc
607 Mauritian rupees ($20) per week for an unskilled worker in the Export Processing Zone(EPZ); 794 rupees ($26) per week for an unskilled factory worker outside the EPZ; set by the government by sector, and increased each year based on the inflation rate.[8]
AfricaMoroccoRabatma33,202,300446,550 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm48 hrs$0.92$2,292Wage Desc
97 Moroccan dirhams ($11.50) per day in the industrialized sector, 63.39 dirhams ($7.50) per day for agricultural workers.[8][155][156][156]
AfricaMozambiqueMaputomz23,700,715801,590 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$0.61$1,270Wage Desc
Set for nine different economic sectors; ranges from 3,002 Mozambican meticias a month in the public sector to 7,465 meticias a month in the financial sector.[8][15]
AfricaNamibiaWindhoekna2,113,077824,292 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm45 hrsWage Desc
None; the mining, construction, security and agricultural sectors set basic levels of pay through collective bargaining.[8]
AfricaNigerNiameyni17,129,0761,267,000 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.34$706Wage Desc
30,047 CFA francs ($60) per month.[8][15]
AfricaNigeriaAbujang173,615,000923,768 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.66$1,377Wage Desc
18,000 naira per month ($115).[8][165]
AfricaRwandaKigalirw10,537,22226,338 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm45 hrsWage Desc
None; ranges from 500 to 1,000 Rwandan francs ($0.83 to $1.66) per day in the tea industry and 1500 to 5000 francs ($2.50 to $8.30) per day in the construction industry.[8]
AfricaSão Tomé and PríncipeSao Tomest187.356964 km2+0Wed 05:04 pmWage Desc
None; 750,000 São Tomé and Príncipe dobras ($40) per month for civil servants[53]
AfricaSenegalDakarsn13,567,338196,722 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm40 hrs$0.36$745Wage Desc
209.10 CFA francs ($0.42) per hour for general workers and 182.95 CFA francs ($0.37) per hour for agricultural workers.[8][15][191]
AfricaSeychellesVictoriasc90.945455 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm55 hrs$1.95$5,577Wage Desc
SR26.70 per hour for all workers other than casual workers; SR30.78 per hour for casual workers.[8][193]
AfricaSierra LeoneFreetownsl6,190,28071,740 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm40 hrs$0.03$58Wage Desc
21,000 Sierra Leonean leones ($5.75) per month.[8][195][196]
AfricaSomaliaMogadishuso10,496,000637,657 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
AfricaSouth AfricaPretoriaza52,981,9911,221,040 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm45 hrsWage Desc
None; the minimum wage for domestic workers was 8.95 rand ($0.90) per hour for employers in the urban areas and 7.65 rand ($0.77) for employers in the semiurban and rural areas. The minimum wage for farm workers was 7.71 rand ($0.77) per hour. The minimum hourly wage for domestic workers employed more than 27 hours per week ranged from 4.85 rand ($0.49) to 7.06 rand ($0.71).[8]
AfricaSudanKhartoumsd37,964,0002,505,810 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$0.69$1,429Wage Desc
425 Sudanese pounds per month.[54]
AfricaSwazilandMbananesz1,250,00017,364 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$0.33$694Wage Desc
531.6 Swazi emalangeni ($76.50) per month for a domestic worker; 420 emalangeni ($60.50) a month for an unskilled worker; 600 emalangeni ($86.50) a month for a skilled worker.[53]
AfricaTanzaniaDar es Salaamtz44,928,923945,087 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm45 hrs$0.13$303Wage Desc
Varies by sector from 40,000 Tanzanian shillings per month to 400,000 shillings per month.[8][15]
AfricaTogoLométg6,191,15556,785 km2+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$0.40$823Wage Desc
35,000 ($70) CFA francs per month.[8][15]
AfricaTunisiaTunistn10,886,500163,610 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm48 hrs$0.64$1,600Wage Desc
For the industrial sector: 286 Tunisian dinars ($190) per month for a 48-hour workweek and 246 dinars ($164) per month for a 40‑hour workweek; 8 dinars ($5.50) to 9 dinars ($6) per day for agricultural workers; supplemented with transportation and family allowances.[53][53]
AfricaUgandaKampalaug35,357,000241,038 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$0.01$29Wage Desc
6,000 Ugandan shillings per month.[8][33]
AfricaZambiaLusakazm14,580,290752,618 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$0.49$1,218Wage Desc
Varies by sector; 522,400 Zambian kwacha per month for domestic workers, K1,132,400 per month for shopkeepers, and between K1,132,400 and K2,101,039 for general workers' in categories one to five—which includes receptionists and clerks, among others (wages are inclusive transportation, lunch, and housing allowances).[228][229]
AfricaZimbabweHararezw12,973,808390,757 km2+2Wed 07:04 pmWage Desc
None, except for agricultural and domestic workers; government regulations for each of the 22 industrial sectors specify minimum wages. The minimum wage for all mine workers is currently pegged at $227 per month.[54]
AntarcticaNew ZealandWellingtonnz4,518,330270,534 km2+13Thu 06:04 am40 hrs$11.59$24,098Wage Desc
NZ$14.25 per hour for workers 18 years old or older, and NZ$11.40 per hour for those aged 16 or 17 or in training; there is no statutory minimum wage for employees who are under 16 years old.[164]
AsiaAfghanistanKabulaf25,500,100652,090 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm40 hrs$0.57$1,178Wage Desc
5,000 Afghani per month for government workers. No minimum set for private sector workers, but labor law prevents paying private sector workers less than government workers. Informal sector day workers are unprotected.[8]
AsiaBahrainManamabh1,234,571694 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; 300 BHD ($800) for the public sector workers (only applies to Bahraini nationals).[8]
AsiaBangladeshDhakabd152,518,015143,998 km2+6Wed 11:04 pm48 hrs$0.09$220Wage Desc
1,500 taka ($19) per month for all economic sectors not covered by industry-specific wages; in the garment industry the minimum wage is 5,300 taka ($68) per month. The minimum wage is set nationally every five years by the National Minimum Wage Board in a tripartite forum industry by industry.[8][26][27][28]
AsiaBhutanThimphubt745.247,000 km2+6Wed 11:04 pm40 hrs$0.40$842Wage Desc
3,750 Bhutanese ngultrum per month.[8][34][35]
AsiaBruneiBandar Seri Begawanbn393.1625,765 km2+8Thu 01:04 am48 hrsWage Desc
AsiaBurma (Myanmar)Yangonmm+63Sat 08:04 am
AsiaCambodiaPhnom Penhkh15,135,000181,035 km2+7Thu 12:04 am48 hrsWage Desc
None; US$100 per month, for the garment and shoe industry.[8][15][48][49]
AsiaChinaBeijingcn1,363,350,0009,640,820 km2+8Thu 01:04 am40 hrs$1.19$2,472Wage Desc
The minimum wage in China is set locally, ranges from RMB/CNY830 per month, RMB7.50 per hour in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to RMB/CNY1,820 per month, RMB/CNY17 per hour in Shanghai.[15][58][59][60][61][62]
AsiaIndiaDelhiin1,241,610,0003,287,260 km2+5.5Wed 10:34 pm48 hrs$0.28$689Wage Desc
Varied from 118 rupees ($2.18) per day in Bihar to 185 rupees ($3.40) per day in Haryana (with local cost of living allowance included). State governments set a separate minimum wage for agricultural workers.[104] The minimum wages are set according to Minimum Wages Act, 1948.[105]
AsiaIndonesiaJakartaid249,866,0001,904,570 km2+7Thu 12:04 am40 hrs$0.56$1,163Wage Desc
Established by provincial and district authorities, which vary by province, district, and sector; the lowest minimum wage was in the province of Central Java at rupiah 910,000 per month and the highest was in Jakarta at rupiah 2,441,301 per month.[15][106]
AsiaIranTehranir77,288,0001,648,200 km2+33Fri 02:04 am44 hrs$2.62$6,002Wage Desc
The minimum wage was raised to 609,000 Iranian tomans ($187) (equal to 6,090,000 rials) effective on the 2014 Persian New year;[107][108] set annually for each industrial sector and region. The standard workweek is 44 hours, and any work over 48 entitles the worker to overtime.[8]
AsiaIraqBaghdadiq34,035,000438,317 km2+3Wed 08:04 pmWage Desc
Less than 12,000 Iraqi dinars ($10) per day for a skilled worker and less than 5,250 dinars ($4.50) per day for an unskilled worker.[53]
AsiaIsraelTel Avivil8,146,30022,145 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm43 hrs$5.99$13,393Wage Desc
4,300 Israeli new shekel ($1,218$) per month, 23.12 Israeli new shekel ($6.78) per hour.[111]
AsiaKazakhstanAstanakz17,186,0002,724,900 km2+6Wed 11:04 pm40 hrs$0.77$1,607Wage Desc
19,966 Kazakhstani tenge per month.[8][116]
AsiaSouth Koreakr+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$4.63$9,620Wage Desc
5,210 South Korean won per hour; reviewed annually.[119][120]
AsiaNorth Koreakp+Thu 12:00 amWage Desc
Averaging 5,000 - 10,000 North Korean won per day. roughly 2000 North Korean won is 1 US Dollar.[54]
AsiaKuwaitKuwait Citykw3,065,85017,818 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm48 hrs$1.03$2,571Wage Desc
60 Kuwaiti dinars ($216) per month.[8][122]
AsiaKyrgyzstanBishkekkg5,663,133199,900 km2+6Wed 11:04 pm40 hrs$0.10$214Wage Desc
840 Kyrgyzstani som per month, nominally; used for administrative purpose.[8][123]
AsiaLaosVientianela6,580,800236,800 km2+7Thu 12:04 am48 hrs$0.30$747Wage Desc
626,000 Lao kip ($79) per month; additionally, employers were required to pay an 8,500-kip ($1) meal allowance per day. The minimum wage for civil servants and state enterprise employees was last increased to 500,000 kip ($63) per month.[8][124][125]
AsiaLebanonBeirutlb4,822,00010,400 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$0.57$1,433Wage Desc
675,000 pounds ($450) per month, 30,000 pounds per day.[8][127]
AsiaMalaysiaKuala Lumpurmy30,041,000329,847 km2+8Thu 01:04 am48 hrs$1.25$3,110Wage Desc
RM900 per month, RM4.33 per hour on the peninsula; and RM800 per month, RM3.85 per hour for the states of Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan.[138][139]
AsiaMaldivesMalémv317.28298 km2+5Wed 10:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; 3,100 Maldivian rufiyaa ($242) per month in the government sector.[8]
AsiaMongoliaUlan Batormn2,931,3001,564,120 km2+8Thu 01:04 am40 hrs$0.82$1,697Wage Desc
192,000 Mongolian tögrög per month.[8][153]
AsiaNepalKathmandunp26,494,504147,181 km2+545Fri 10:04 am48 hrs$0.45$1,127Wage Desc
8,000 Nepalese rupees per month.[8][160]
AsiaOmanMuscatom3,957,000309,500 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm45 hrs$4.39$10,263Wage Desc
225 Omani rials ($592) per month plus allowances of 100 rials ($263) per month for citizens; does not apply to foreign workers.[8][166]
AsiaPakistanIslamabadpk185,914,000796,095 km2+5Wed 10:04 pm48 hrs$0.51$1,285Wage Desc
10,000 Pakistani rupees per month.[8][15][33]
AsiaPhilippinesManilaph99,275,100300,000 km2+8Thu 01:04 am40 hrs$0.73$1,515Wage Desc
205 pesos per day in nonplantation agricultural sector in the Ilocos Region to 466 pesos per day in the nonagricultural sector in the National Capital Region.[175]
AsiaQatarDohaqa2,045,23911,000 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; the labor law provides the emir with authority to set a minimum wage, but he did not do so.[8]
AsiaSaudi ArabiaRiyadhsa29,994,2722,149,690 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm48 hrs$3.85$9,600Wage Desc
3,000 Saudi riyals ($720) per month; does not apply to foreign workers.[8][190]
AsiaSingaporeSingaporesg5,399,200683 km2+8Thu 01:04 am44 hrsWage Desc
AsiaSri LankaColombolk20,277,59765,610 km2+53Fri 10:04 pm45 hrs$0.26$611Wage Desc
6,500 rupees per month.[15]
AsiaSyriaDamascussy21,898,000185,180 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$1.02$2,112Wage Desc
9,765 to 14,760 Syrian pounds ($176–$266) per month, plus benefits, including compensation for meals, uniforms, and transportation.[53]
AsiaTajikistanDushanbetj8,160,000143,100 km2+5Wed 10:04 pm40 hrs$0.30$633Wage Desc
250 Tajikistani somoni per month, plus certain government subsidies for workers and their families.[53][208]
AsiaThailandBangkokth65,926,261513,115 km2+7Thu 12:04 am48 hrs$1.21$3,012Wage Desc
Ranges from 300 Thai baht per day and up, depending on the cost of living in various provinces; set by provincial tripartite wage committees that sometimes include only employer representatives.[210][211][212]
AsiaTurkeyAnkaratr76,667,864783,562 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm45 hrs$3.23$7,560Wage Desc
1134 Turkish lira (€300) per month.[215][216]
AsiaTurkmenistanAshgabattm5,240,000488,100 km2+5Wed 10:04 pm40 hrs$0.89$1,853Wage Desc
440 Turkmenistani manat per month.[8][217]
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabiae8,264,07083,600 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
AsiaUzbekistanTashkentuz30,183,400447,400 km2+5Wed 10:04 pm40 hrs$0.33$683Wage Desc
107,635 Uzbekistani som per month.[8][223]
AsiaVietnamHanoivn89,708,900331,689 km2+7Thu 12:04 am40 hrs$0.30$614Wage Desc
Varies by region; Region I: VND 2.7 million (US$ 128); Region II: VND 2.4 million (US4 114); Region III: VND 2.1 million (US$ 100) and Region IV: VND 1.9 million (US$ 90); VND 1.05 million ($50) per month for civil servants and state employees.[8][227]
AsiaYemenSana'aye25,235,000527,968 km2+3Wed 08:04 pmWage Desc
None; the minimum civil service wage was 21,000 rials ($100) per month.
AustraliaAustraliaCanberra, ACTau23,414,5527,741,220 km2+11Thu 04:04 am38 hrs$17.39$34,358Wage Desc
Most workers are covered by an award, which may vary by employee age, geographical location and industry. For adults not covered by an award or agreement, the minimum wages is A$16.87 per hour, A$640.90 per week; set federally by Fair Work Australia. Junior workers, apprentices and trainees not covered by an award each have a minimum wage level set nationally.[21][22]
AustraliaPapua New GuineaPort Moresbypg7,398,500462,840 km2+Thu 12:00 am44 hrs$1.10$2,519Wage Desc
100.80 Papua New Guinean kina ($40) per week, 2.29 kina per hour.[8][171]
EuropeAlbaniaTiranaal2,821,97728,748 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$1.17$2,440Wage Desc
22,000 Albanian lekë per month, nationally. The law establishes a 40-hour workweek, but the actual workweek is typically set by individual or collective-bargaining agreement.[8][9][10]
EuropeAndorraAndorra la Vellaad76.098468 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$7.12$14,800Wage Desc
€962 ($1,233) per month, €5.55 ($7.12) per hour.[13]
EuropeArmeniaYerevanam3,017,40029,800 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm40 hrs$0.65$1,344Wage Desc
45,000 Armenian dram per month.[20][dated info]
EuropeAustriaViennaat8,504,85083,858 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; instead, nationwide collective bargaining agreements set minimum wages by job classification for each industry and provide for a minimum wage of €1,000 per month—Wages where no such collective agreements exist, such as for domestic workers, janitorial staff, and au pairs, are regulated in pertinent law and are generally lower than those covered by collective bargaining.[8]
EuropeAzerbaijanBakuaz9,477,10086,600 km2+4Wed 09:04 pm40 hrs$0.77$1,595Wage Desc
105 Azerbaijani manat per month.[8][23][24]
EuropeBelarusMinskby9,468,100207,600 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$1.19$2,467Wage Desc
9,890 Belarusian rubles per hour and 1,660,000 Belarusian rubles per month.[15]
EuropeBelgiumBrusselsbe11,132,26932,545 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm38 hrs$11.69$23,104Wage Desc
€1,501.82 ($1,925) per month, €9.12 ($11.69) per hour for workers 21 years of age and over; €1,541.67 ($1,977) per month for workers 21 and a half years of age, with six months of service; €1,559.38 ($1,999) per month for workers 22 years of age, with 12 months of service; coupled with extensive social benefits.[15][30]
EuropeBosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoba3,791,62251,197 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$1.21$2,526Wage Desc
320 convertible marks ($216) per month in Republika Srpska; 357 ($241) convertible marks per month in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[8]
EuropeBulgariaSofiabg7,282,041110,912 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$1.34$2,778Wage Desc
340 Bulgarian lev per month, 2.03 lev per hour.[44][45][46]
EuropeCroatiaZagrebhr4,290,61256,538 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm40 hrs$2.98$6,190Wage Desc
3,017.61 Croatian kuna per month.[72][73][74]
EuropeCyprusNicosiacy865.8789,251 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
None; €870 per month for shop assistants, nurses' assistants, clerks, hairdressers, and nursery assistants; it rises to €924 after six months' employment. For asylum seekers working as unskilled workers in the agricultural sector, the minimum monthly wage was 425 euros ($570) with accommodation and food provided. For skilled workers in the agricultural sector, the minimum salary was 767 euros ($1,040) without accommodation and food.[8]
EuropeCzech RepublicPraguecz10,513,80078,866 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$2.58$5,375Wage Desc
8,500 Czech korun per month, 50.60 korun per hour.[76]
EuropeDenmarkCopenhagendk5,627,23543,094 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm37 hrsWage Desc
None; instead, negotiated between unions and employer associations; the average minimum wage for all private and public sector collective bargaining agreements was approximately DKK 110 ($20) per hour, exclusive of pension benefits.[8][77]
EuropeEstoniaTallinnee1,311,87045,100 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$2.73$5,680Wage Desc
€355 per month, €2.13 per hour.[44][84]
EuropeFinlandHelsinkifi5,452,821338,145 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; however, the law requires all employers, including non-unionized ones, to pay minimum wages agreed to in collective bargaining agreements; almost all workers are covered under such arrangements.[8]
EuropeFranceParisfr65,844,000551,500 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm35 hrs$12.22$22,237Wage Desc
€1,445.38 per month, €9.53 per hour.[44][87]
EuropeGeorgiaTbilisige4,483,80069,700 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.31$655Wage Desc
90 Georgian lari ($54) per month for private sector workers; 115 lari ($68) per month for public employees.[8]
EuropeGermanyBerlinde80,619,000357,022 km2+Thu 12:00 am40.5 hrsWage Desc
None; except for construction workers, electrical workers, janitors, roofers, painters, and letter carriers. Minimum wage is often set by collective bargaining agreements in other sectors of the economy and enforceable by law.[8] In July 2014 Germany began legislating to introduce a federally-mandated minimum wage that would take effect on 1 January 2015.[89] The law states that paying a worker an "immoral wage" is illegal. There is no general consensus what constitutes "immoral" payment. One judge at a court in Krefeld, Germany, ruled that a cashier at a supermarket has to earn the equivalent of approximately 7USD per hour. The federal courts in Germany ruled that any wage lower than 75% of the average wage or salary for a specific occupation constitutes illegal payment. However, since there is no well defined legal minimum wage as of February 2013, courts usually have the final say and only rule for individual cases.[90]
EuropeGreeceAthensgr10,815,197131,957 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$5.06$10,519Wage Desc
€683.76 per month in 12 payments, €586 per month in 14 payments.[44][94]
EuropeHaitiPort-au-Princeht10,413,21127,750 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm48 hrs$0.37$930Wage Desc
125 Haitian gourdes per day for servants for an eight-hour workday; 225 Haitian gourdes per day for segment A industies; 240 Haitian gourdes per day for segment B industries; 260 Haitian gourdes per day for segment C industries; 225 Haitian gourdes per day for companies with piece work that re-export; and 300 Haitian gourdes per day for companies with piece work that exports.[8][96][97][98]
EuropeHungaryBudapesthu9,906,00093,032 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$2.60$5,411Wage Desc
101,500 Hungarian forint per month, 586 Hungarian forint per hour.[101][102][103]
EuropeIcelandReykjavikis325.671103,000 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; minimum wages are negotiated in various collectively bargained agreements and applied automatically to all employees in those occupations, regardless of union membership; while the agreements can be either industry- or sector-wide, and in some cases firm-specific, the minimum wage levels are occupation-specific.[8][44]
EuropeIrelandDublinie4,593,10070,273 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm39 hrs$11.09$22,490Wage Desc
€1,461.85 per month and €8.65 ($11.09) per hour.[110]
EuropeItalyRomeit59,943,933301,318 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; instead set through collective bargaining agreements on a sector-by-sector basis.[8]
EuropeLatviaRigalv2,003,90064,600 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$2.48$5,155Wage Desc
€320 per month, €1.933 per hour, and €2.209 for teenagers and people working in dangerous conditions.[126]
EuropeLiechtensteinVaduzli37.132160 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm48 hrsWage Desc
EuropeLithuaniaVilniuslt2,941,95365,300 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$2.33$4,848Wage Desc
1035 Lithuanian litas per month, 6.27 litas per hour.[131]
EuropeLuxembourgLuxembourg Citylu5372,586 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$14.24$29,611Wage Desc
€1,921.03 per month, €11.1042 per hour for unskilled workers over 18; increased by 20% for a skilled employee; decreased by 20% to 25% in the case of an adolescent worker.[44][132][133]
EuropeRepublic of MacedoniaSkopjemk2,062,29425,713 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.96$2,005Wage Desc
10,990 Macedonian denars per month in the textile and leather industries; 12,268 Macedonian denars per month in other sectors.[8][134][135]
EuropeMaltaVallettamt416.055316 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$5.64$11,733Wage Desc
€717.95 per month, €165.68 per week; combined with an annual mandatory bonus of €270.20 and a €242.32 annual cost of living increase, automatically adjusted for inflation.[141][142]
EuropeMoldovaChisinaumd3,559,50033,851 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$0.48$991Wage Desc
1400 Moldovan lei in the private sector; 1000 lei per month in the public sector.[8][148][149][150]
EuropeMonacoMonacomc36.1362 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm39 hrs$12.83$26,016Wage Desc
€1,610.57 per month and €9.53 per hour (same as the French minimum wage), plus a 5% adjustment.[151]
EuropeMontenegroPodgoricame620.02913,812 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$1.43$2,969Wage Desc
€193 per month.[8][154]
EuropeNetherlandsThe Haguenl16,842,20041,528 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$11.06$23,003Wage Desc
€1,495.20 per month, €345.05 per week, €69.01 per day, and €8.63 per hour for persons 23 and older; between 30-85% of this amount for persons aged 15–22.[161][162]
EuropeNorwayOslono5,109,056385,155 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm37.5 hrsWage Desc
None; wages normally fall within a national scale negotiated by labor, employers, and local governments.[8]
EuropePortugalLisbonpt10,487,28991,982 km2+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$2.97$6,184Wage Desc
1,680 PLN (€405) per month.[177] Real full cost (if a worker is not a student etc.) for employer(from which are taken different social, health etc. funds for that worker) is: 2028,43 PLN, and netto for worker, after cuts for health services, accidents fund, work fund, retirement etc. is 1237,20 PLN. With 40 hours week and 4 weeks in month it give about 12.67 PLN/per hour brutto(or after cuts netto ~7.73 PLN/hour).[178]
EuropeRomaniaBucharestro20,121,641238,391 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$1.54$3,211Wage Desc
900 RON Romanian lei per month, 5.357 Romanian lei per hour for a full-time schedule of 168 hours per month.[180]]
EuropeRussiaMoscowru143,700,00017,098,200 km2+3Wed 08:04 pm40 hrs$1.04$2,161Wage Desc
5,554 rubles per month.[181][182]
EuropeSan MarinoSan Marinosm33.5461 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm37.5 hrs$12.49$24,347Wage Desc
€1582.57 per month; €9.74 per hour.[188][8]
EuropeSerbiaBelgraders7,181,50577,474 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$1.31$2,719115 dinars per hour.[8][192][/popup]01/04/2012
EuropeSlovakiaBratislavask5,415,94949,033 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$2.59$5,395Wage Desc
€352 per month, €2.023 per hour.[197][198]
EuropeSloveniaLjubljanasi2,061,96320,256 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$5.84$12,141Wage Desc
€789.15 per month.[44][199]
EuropeSpainMadrides46,609,700505,992 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$5.57$11,582Wage Desc
€752.85 per month in 12 payments, €645.30 per month in 14 payments.[44][201]
EuropeSwedenStockholmse9,651,531449,964 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
None; set by annual collective bargaining contracts.[8]
EuropeSwitzerlandBernech8,112,20041,284 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm41.7 hrsWage Desc
None; however, a minority of the voluntary General Labour Contracts (GLC, collective labour agreements), reached on a sector-by-sector basis,[202] contain minimum compensation clauses, which provide for compensation ranging from CHF 2,200 to 4,200 ($2,363 to $4,511) per month for unskilled workers and CHF 2,800 to 5,300 ($3,010 to $5,693) per month for skilled employees.[8] On 18 May 2014, Swiss voters rejected a popular initiative (by 76.3%) that would have enforced GLCs for every sector and set the hourly minimum wage at CHF 22 ($24.65) or (PPP-adjusted: $12.55).[203][204]
EuropeUkraineKievua45,426,200603,700 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$0.98$2,031Wage Desc
7.80 Ukrainian hryven' per hour or 1301 Ukrainian hryven' per month.[8][15]
EuropeUnited KingdomLondongb63,705,000242,900 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm38.2 hrs$10.32$20,495Wage Desc
£6.50 per hour (aged 21+), £5.13 per hour (aged 18–20), £3.79 per hour (under 18), £2.73 per hour (apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year).[218]
North AmericaAntigua and BarbudaSt. John'sag86.295442 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$3.04$6,317Wage Desc
EC$8.20 per hour.[8][16][17]
North AmericaThe BahamasNassaubs351.46113,878 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm40 hrs$4.00$8,320Wage Desc
B$4.00 ($4.00) per hour, B$30 ($30) per day, and B$150 ($150) per week.[8][25]
North AmericaBarbadosBridgetownbb285430 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$3.13$6,500Wage Desc
BDS$6.25 ($3.13) per hour for household domestics and shop assistants; the Ministry of Labor recommends all other sectors use this as the de facto minimum wage.[8][29]
North AmericaBelizeBelmopanbz349.72822,966 km2-6Wed 11:04 am45 hrs$1.65$3,861Wage Desc
BZ$3.30 ($1.65) per hour.[8][31][32]
North AmericaCanadaOttawa, ONca35,295,7709,970,610 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm40 hrs$10.25$21,320Wage Desc
The minimum wage in Canada is set by each province and territory; ranges from C$10.25 to C$11.00 per hour.[8][51]
North AmericaCosta RicaSan Josécr4,667,09651,100 km2-6Wed 11:04 am48 hrs$1.85$4,624Wage Desc
Varies for specified industries from ₡8,944.51 per 8-hour work day for unskilled workers to ₡11,896.82 per day for specialized workers. All other occupations not explicitly covered fall under the generic scale, which varies from ₡266,942.69 per month for unskilled workers to ₡583,633.64 for licentiates.[68]
1 January 2014[69]
North AmericaCubaHavanacu11,167,325110,861 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm44 hrs$0.05$108Wage Desc
225 Cuban pesos ($9) per month.[8][75]
North AmericaDominicaRoseaudm71.293751 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$1.48$3,081Wage Desc
EC$4.00 ($1.50) per hour.[8][78][79]
North AmericaDominican RepublicSanto Domingodo9,445,28148,671 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm44 hrs$0.41$938Wage Desc
6,320 Dominican pesos ($167) per month in the FTZs and between 6,880 pesos and 11,292 pesos outside the FTZs, depending upon the size of the company; 5,117 pesos ($130) per month for the public sector; 234 pesos a day for farm workers who are covered by minimum wage regulations based on a 10-hour day, with the exception of sugarcane workers who received 129 pesos ($3.19) based on an eight-hour workday.[8][80][81]
North AmericaEl SalvadorSan Salvadorsv6,340,00021,041 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm44 hrs$0.50$1,138Wage Desc
Set sector by sector; for example, US$242.40 a month for retail employees; US$237.00 for industrial laborers; US$202.80 for apparel assembly workers; US$113.70 for agriculture workers. The wage for seasonal agricultural workers of cotton and sugar cane is used here.[8][83][15][dated info]
North AmericaGrenadaSt. George'sgd103.328344 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
Minimum wage schedules set pay by occupation; for example, the minimum wage for domestic workers, for example, was EC $4.50 per hour, while that for a security guard was EC $6.00 ($2.22) per hour.[8]
North AmericaGuatemalaGuatemala Citygt15,806,675108,889 km2-6Wed 11:04 am48 hrs$1.20$2,998Wage Desc
74.97 Guatemalan quetzales per day for agricultural and nonagricultural work and 68.91 quetzales per day for work in export-sector regime factories. Minimum wage earners also are due a mandatory monthly bonus of 250 quetzales, and salaried workers receive two mandatory yearly bonuses (the bono 14 and the Christmas bonus), each equivalent to one month’s salary.[8][15]
North AmericaHondurasTegucigalpahn8,555,072112,088 km2-6Wed 11:04 am44 hrs$1.13$2,580Wage Desc
Minimum wages ranged from a low of 5,114.46 Honduran lempiras per month, 21.31 lempiras per hour to 8,224.35 lempiras per month, 34.27 lempiras per hour.[8][15][99]
North AmericaJamaicaKingstonjm2,711,47610,991 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm40 hrs$1.58$3,281Wage Desc
J$5,600 per week.[8][112][113]
North AmericaMexicoMexico Citymx119,713,2031,958,200 km2-6Wed 11:04 am48 hrs$0.61$1,511Wage Desc
67.29 Mexican pesos per day for Zone A and 63.77 pesos per day for Zone B.[147][15]
North AmericaNicaraguaManaguani6,071,045130,000 km2-6Wed 11:04 am48 hrs$0.55$1,378Wage Desc
Set for nine different economic sectors; ranges from 2,705.11 Nicaraguan córdobas per month in the agricultural sector to 6,096.93 córdobas per month in the financial sector.[15]
North AmericaPanamaPanama Citypa3,405,81375,517 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm48 hrs$1.22$3,051Wage Desc
1.2222 to 2.3636 balboas ($1.2222 to $2.3636) per hour, depending on region and sector. Food and the use of housing facilities were considered part of the salary for some workers, such as domestic and agricultural workers. Salaries for domestic workers ranged from 175 to 200 balboas ($175 to $200) per month. The agricultural and construction sectors received the lowest and highest minimum wages, respectively.[8][169][170]
North AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisBasseterrekn54261 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$3.33$6,933Wage Desc
EC$9.00 per hour.[8][183][184]
North AmericaSaint LuciaCastrieslc180539 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrsWage Desc
Minimum wage for some sectors; EC$300 ($111) per month for office clerks; EC$200 ($74) for shop assistants; EC$160 ($59) for messengers.[8]
North AmericaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstownvc109388 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$1.16$2,407Wage Desc
Set sector by sector; for example, EC$56 ($20.74) per day for agriculture workers (shelter not provided); EC$40 ($14.81) per day for industrial workers; and EC$25 per day for household domestic workers.[8][186][187]
North AmericaTrinidad and TobagoPort of Spaintt1,328,0195,130 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$2.33$4,852Wage Desc
TT$15.00 ($2.36) per hour.[214]
North AmericaUnited StatesWashington, DCus317,706,0009,629,090 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm40 hrs$7.25$15,080Wage Desc
The federal minimum wage in the United States is US$7.25 per hour. States may also set a minimum, in which case the higher of the two is controlling; some territories are exempt and have lower rates.[220]
OceaniaFijiSuvafj858.03818,274 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm$1.052,184[86]Wage Desc
US$1.05 per hour[8][85]
OceaniaKiribatiSouth Tarawaki106.461726 km2+12Thu 05:04 amWage Desc
None; informal minimum wage estimated by government authorities to be between A$1.60 ($1.66) to A$1.70 ($1.77) per hour[8]
OceaniaMarshall IslandsMajuromh56.086181 km2+12Thu 05:04 am40 hrs$2.00$4,160Wage Desc
US$2.00 per hour for government and private sector employees.[8][143]
OceaniaMicronesiaPalikirfm101.351702 km2+11Thu 04:04 am
OceaniaNauruYarennr9.94521 km2+12Thu 05:04 am40 hrsWage Desc
None; there is a graduated salary system for public service officers and employees, none for private-sector workers.[8]
OceaniaPalauKororpw20.901459 km2+9Thu 02:04 am40 hrs$3.00$6,240Wage Desc
US$3.00 per hour; does not include foreign workers.[8][167]
OceaniaSamoaApiaws187.822,831 km2+14Thu 07:04 am40 hrs$0.87$1,817Wage Desc
WST$2.00 ($0.89) per hour for the private sector; WST$2.65 ($1.18) for the public sector.[8]
OceaniaSolomon IslandsHoniarasb581.34428,896 km2+11Thu 04:04 am45 hrs$0.43$1,017Wage Desc
SI$4.00 ($0.55) per hour for all workers except those in the fishing and agricultural sectors, who received SI$3.20 per hour.[8][200]
OceaniaTongaNuku'alofato103.036747 km2+13Thu 06:04 am40 hrsWage Desc
OceaniaTuvaluFunafutitv11.32326 km2+12Thu 05:04 amWage Desc
None; the minimum annual salary in the public sector was approximately A$3,000 to A$4,000 ($3,120 to $4,160).[8]
OceaniaVanuatuPort Vilavu264.65212,189 km2+11Thu 04:04 am40 hrs$1.90$3,952Wage Desc
30,000 Vanuatu vatu ($323) per month, 170 vatu per hour.[8][224]
South AmericaArgentinaBuenos Airesar41,660,0962,780,400 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm48 hrs$5.05$12,599Wage Desc
4,400 Argentine pesos ($525) per month for up to 200 hours; paid thirteen times a year.[15][18][19]
South AmericaBoliviaLa Pazbo10,027,2541,098,580 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm48 hrs$1.09$2,709Wage Desc
1440 Bolivian bolivianos per month.[36][37] plus an obligatory Christmas bonus equal to one month's pay, prorated for the amount of time the worker has worked in their present position.[38]
South AmericaBrazilBrasiliabr201,032,7148,514,880 km2-2Wed 03:04 pm44 hrs$2.11$4,827Wage Desc
R$724.00 per month, paid 13 times a year.[39][40][41] The Brazilian minimum wage is adjusted annually by the federal government. Each Brazilian state has its own minimum wage, which cannot be lower than the federal minimum wage.[42][43]
South AmericaChileSantiagocl16,341,929756,096 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm45 hrs$2.37$5,550Wage Desc
225,000 Chilean pesos per month for workers aged 18–65; 167,968 for workers younger than 18 and older than 65; and 145,139 pesos for 'non remunerative' purposes.[57]
South AmericaColombiaBogotaco47,506,0001,138,910 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm48 hrs$1.65$4,114Wage Desc
616,000 Colombian pesos per month plus 72,000 pesos per month for transportation allowance[63][64][65]
South AmericaEcuadorQuitoec15,699,200283,561 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm40 hrs$2.30$4,776Wage Desc
US$398 per month. Minimun wage has been set by the government on US$340 per month for the year 2014. A worker that works a full year, receives a 13th (of US$340) and a 14th (of US$340) sallary.[82]
South AmericaGuyanaGeorgetowngy784.894214,969 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$0.99$2,056Wage Desc
G$35,000 per month, G$1,616 per day and G$202 per hour.[95]
South AmericaParaguayAsuncionpy6,783,374406,752 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm48 hrs$1.98$4,947Wage Desc
1,824,055 Paraguayan guaraníes per month; The law discriminates against domestic workers, who are legally entitled to only 40 percent of the minimum wage. The law mandates that housing and food be counted towards domestic worker’s salary.[8][15][173][174]
South AmericaPeruLimape30,475,1441,285,220 km2-5Wed 12:04 pm48 hrs$1.37$3,409Wage Desc
750 Peruvian nuevos soles ($294) per month.[8][15]
South AmericaSurinameParamaribosr534.189163,820 km2-3Wed 02:04 pm45 hrsWage Desc
None; SRD 600 ($180) per month is the lowest wage for civil servants.[8]
South AmericaUruguayMontevideouy3,286,314175,016 km2-2Wed 03:04 pm46 hrs$2.21$5,276Wage Desc
8960 Uruguayan pesos per month, 448 pesos per day, 44.8 pesos per hour.[8][221][222]
South AmericaVenezuelaCaracasve28,946,101912,050 km2+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$0.34$699Wage Desc
Bolívares (BsF) 4.251,78 Venezuelan bolívares per month.[225] Bolívares (BsF) 4.251,78 is $58.38 at the open market exchange rate, which the government considers illegal, and $85.22 at the individually inaccessible for the citizens government exchange rate of 49.98.[226]
American SamoaPago Pago-11Wed 06:04 am
AnguillaThe Valley-4Wed 01:04 pm
ArubaOranjestad-4Wed 01:04 pm
BermudaHamilton-4Wed 01:04 pm
British Virgin IslandsRoad Town-4Wed 01:04 pm
Cayman IslandsGeorge Town-5Wed 12:04 pm
Christmas IslandFlying Fish Cove+7Thu 12:04 am
Cook IslandsAvarua-1Wed 04:04 pm
Côte d'IvoireYamoussoukroci23,202,000322,463 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm40 hrs$0.41$860Wage Desc
Varies by occupation, with the lowest set to 36,607 CFA franc ($72) per month for the industrial sector; a slightly higher minimum wage rate is applied for construction workers.[8][70][71]
CuraçaoWillemstad+2Wed 07:04 pm
East TimorDili1,066,40914,874 km2+Thu 12:00 am
Federated States of MicronesiaStanleyfm+Thu 12:00 am40 hrsWage Desc
None; US$2.65 per hour for employment with the national government; all states have a minimum hourly wage for government workers: $2.00 in Pohnpei, $1.25 in Chuuk, $1.42 in Kosrae, and $1.60 in Yap; $1.75 for private sector workers in Pohnpei.[8]|
Faroe IslandsTórshavn+13Thu 06:04 am
French GuianaCayenne-1Wed 04:04 pm
French PolynesiaPapeetepf+1Wed 06:04 pm
GhanaAccragh24,658,823238,533 km2+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$0.42$867Wage Desc
6.00 Ghanaian cedis per day.[8][92][93]
GibraltarGibraltargi+1Wed 06:04 pm
GuadeloupeBasse-Terregp-4Wed 01:04 pm
GuamHagatna+1Wed 06:04 pm
Holy See (Vatican)Vatican Cityva8390.44 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm
Hong Konghk+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$3.87$8,041Wage Desc
HK$30 per hour is the minimum wage in Hong Kong.[100]
JapanTokyojp127,180,000377,873 km2+9Thu 02:04 am40 hrs$8.48$17,648Wage Desc
Ranges from 664 Japanese yen to 888 yen per hour; set on a prefectural and industry basis.[114]
JordanAmmanjo6,558,90089,342 km2+2Wed 07:04 pm48 hrs$1.29$3,211Wage Desc
190 Jordanian dinars ($268) per month.[8][115]
KosovoPristina1,815,60610,887 km2+Thu 12:00 am40 hrs$1.26$2,615Wage Desc
€170 ($224) per month for workers between 35 and 65 years of age; €130 for workers under 35 years of age.[8][121]
MacauMacaumo+8Thu 01:04 am
MartiniqueFort-de-Francemq3,461,0411,025,520 km2-4Wed 01:04 pm
MontserratPlymouth-4Wed 01:04 pm
MyanmarNaypyidawmm53,259,000676,578 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm48 hrs$65Wage Desc
None; 60,000 Myanma kyat per month for salaried public employees; 2,000 kyat per day for day laborers, supplemented by various subsidies and allowances.[53][158]
New CaledoniaNouméanc+11Thu 04:04 am
NiueAlofi-11Wed 06:04 am
North KoreaPyongyangkp24,895,000120,538 km2+9Thu 02:04 am
Northern Mariana IslandsSaipan+1Wed 06:04 pm
Palestinian TerritoryRamallahps+2Wed 07:04 pm
PitcairnAdamstown-8Wed 09:04 am
PolandWarsawpl38,502,396312,685 km2+1Wed 06:04 pm
Puerto RicoSan Juanpr-4Wed 01:04 pm40 hrs$4.36$9,064Wage Desc
€ 589.17 per month in 12 payments, €505 per month in 14 payments; for full-time workers, rural workers, and domestic employees ages 18 and older.[179]
RéunionSaint-Denisre+4Wed 09:04 pm
South KoreaSeoulkr50,219,66999,538 km2+9Thu 02:04 am
TaiwanTaipeitw23,379,12936,188 km2+8Thu 01:04 am42 hrs$3.88$8,481Wage Desc
The minimum wage in Taiwan is NT$19,047 per month; NT$115 per hour.[207]
Timor-LesteDili+9Thu 02:04 am44 hrs$0.60$1,380Wage Desc
US$115 per month.[8][213]
Turks and Caicos IslandsCockburn Town-4Wed 01:04 pm
US Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalievi-4Wed 01:04 pm
Western SaharaLaayouneeh567266,000 km2+0Wed 05:04 pm