Security experts will often tell their respective clients that a VERY large percentage of security work can be averted by simply keeping the computer system up-to-date with all relevant, automatic updates.

It is true however that many companies don’t want to do this. Often this is at least in part due to the fact that programmers and system admins alike, don’t like to see their “business critical” applications stop working for any reason, including security.

After having spent most of my adult life in the I.T. industry, it is my firm belief that it is far better to let these updates occur on their own, than it is to suffer the ramifications of doing it too late; and too late where security is concerned, often means just as soon as the vulnerability is found.

It is often much easier, and certainly more sustainable, to fix any inherent problems in the application environment, than it is, to compound the problem by ignoring or postponing the update process.

To find out the status of automatic updates of all types in your environment and your companies infrastructure, and whether your systems are set to automatically update, please click on Check Automatic Update Status above for a free test of your environment.


Check Automatic Update Status
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