Software Titles (and other resources)

The purpose of putting this list together was to allow the exploration of various resources available to active and long-term traders and investors and to make the distinction between platforms that have new capabilities like allowing you to custom code your own algorithms and those that don’t. Feel free to add additional items and make suggestions. This list is not comprehensive by any means and no claim is made as to the accuracy of the information at any time.

160 Zacks Research Profit from The Pros (screener)

[show_rating rating=1]

Zacks 7 of the #1 rank stocks slated to signficantly outperform over next 30 days – free newsletter called profit from the pros according to the email

159 Wealth Lab Pro by Fidelity (broker and platforms) – active backtesting work here

[show_rating rating=3]

Find a symbol (Fidelity): Screener Programming Guide for WLP v6.9 …

158 Wall Street Journal (trade journal)

[show_rating rating=1] Mentions the common 50/200 cross strategy, mentions platforms Quantopian and Rizm

156 Tyler More (C+ Programmer)

[show_rating rating=1]

155 Tulipcell (Excel add-on)

[show_rating rating=1] Tulip Indicators and Tulip Charts Excel Add-on

154 Trading Technologies (algos)

[show_rating rating=1] Pricey pre-built algos

153 Tradestation (platform and broker)

[show_rating rating=5] Sierracharts may do intrabar execution more seamlessly and have better rates, but TS may be easier to test on. Really a toss up. SC does not have radar screen which may not be needed.

152 Tradespoon (screener)

[show_rating rating=1] Performance $39 per mo for Active Trader only …

151 Track n Trade (trading system)

[show_rating rating=1] Chat person said $999 autopilot does have back-testing but not for stocks and stock options per email

150 Thinkorswim (std platform, limited algo)

[show_rating rating=4] TOS apparently now has a thinkscript forum which could prove invaluable. A person in this chat recommended and forwarded him an email.

149 The Blueprint (protective put strategy)

[show_rating rating=1] Ernie co-author (302) 992 7971 found in phone as Mike Chupka; I called on Fri 10/14/16 good info and was encouraged to call back after 14 day trial of site. …

148 TA-Lib (Excel add-on)

[show_rating rating=1] Excel Add-on, community forum appears to be down, sent support message Fri Jan 13, 2016; question on stack-exchange said it was good for back-testing options

147 StrataSearch (screener)

[show_rating rating=1] Has a trial for 30 days, $30 per month thereafter

146 StockTwits (real-time chat)

[show_rating rating=1] “largest social network for investors and traders” This was free. I met Ryan here who took also to DiscordApp chat rooms.

145 Stock and Commodities TASC (newspaper)

[show_rating rating=1] Conners RSI downloadable from was sent via email by person in trading group

144 Stackexchange (quant forum)

[show_rating rating=0] Question posted to find back-testing strategies for backtesting section below

143 Sierra Charts (charting, backtesting, options?)

[show_rating rating=4]

Alternative to multi-charts. Posted message in forum on April 6, 2017 to see if auto trading was possible. Better than multicharts according to write up from friend of Jim.

170 Sierra Charts (charting, backtesting, options?)

[show_rating rating=4]

142 Seeking Alpha (screening community)

[show_rating rating=0]

Alpha in this regard means “new opportunities”.

141 Robinhood (iphone stock screener)

[show_rating rating=0]

140 Rizm (options strategy builder)

[show_rating rating=0] doesn’t appear to exist Such high promise but no email back from and sign up is broken. SSL cert is expired and number on front page appears to be disconnected, big names mentioned, als …

139 Recognia (appeared to be a screener)

[show_rating rating=0] Top of list when typed in strategy builder with the web search, interactive brokers was third which looks more like a screener, They are trying to understand my option trade; answer is essentially no, …

138 QuantyCarlo (options backtesting)

[show_rating rating=0] Backtesting options but appears to cater to professionals, message sent via web form

137 Quantshare

[show_rating rating=4]

options support clearly stated on page full platform with rule based builder, free trial, might be web based Could provide some chat functionalit …

136 Quantsavvy (pre-built strategies)

[show_rating rating=0] Futures, pre-built strategies that just run and are low risk. $15k appears to be the minimum but not near enough info according to email; immediate response, still sounds very promising, 9am sat demo …

135 Quantpedia Quantitative Tools (list of backtesters)

[show_rating rating=0]

134 Quantopian Coding Platform

[show_rating rating=0]

No options, no builder, full platform though. Learn to code here in python, email lots later, they say they can do the ema cross stuff, but no options support, claim to be the only full platform per notes with exception of options

133 Quantconnect (web-based platform, C# and more, code sharing, no builder)

[show_rating rating=0] – Can code options per screenshot, can share code, poor support.

132 Prodigio (algo trading, no options)

[show_rating rating=0] No options support but is planned according to support call. Free for people who meet minimum trade requirements

131 OScreener (screener)

[show_rating rating=0] At one time I purchased a $39 membership, cancelled today Nov 2, 2016

130 Orats (Excel add-on, options backtesting)

[show_rating rating=0] Backtesting for options $99 mo; joined for free and asked support if algobuilder; has youtube videos

129 Optionvue

[show_rating rating=0]

order routing through TOS or tradier options and backtesting Free trial, no minute bars Quick reply to contact form inquiry 4/5/2017

128 OptionStack (back-test and trade options, time frame issues)

[show_rating rating=0] Back-test but not minute charts!forum/optionstack

127 Optionshouse (web-based platform and broker)

[show_rating rating=0] – Can’t code your own indicators or signals Advanced order types Might contain some chart entry stuff

126 Options Inteligence (signals)

[show_rating rating=0] Weekly or monthly option signals and strategy results

125 Options City – (execution platform)

[show_rating rating=0] Trade execution platform for pros. These guys help with execution of algos once I have my algo written and back-tested. Pricing not visible.

124 Optioncreator (options calculator)

[show_rating rating=0] Interesting calculator and trade log but not any help for algorithmics or strategy development

123 Oneoption (trading system)

[show_rating rating=0] Day trade chat, simplified approach, focuses on stocks but has tutorials for options also, $600 qtr

122 Onedayoptions (signals)

[show_rating rating=0] Friday option picks

121 Neuroshell (algo, no options)

[show_rating rating=0] Mentioned in TASC, no options $1500-$2400, 800+ indicators, no code required, sent email

120 Multicharts .NET version (algo, options support limited)

[show_rating rating=4] Support is excellent. I thought this was hands down best charting platform found as of 4-5-2017 Sierra Charts is better according to write-up by friend of JC who said “when a symbol does not have enough history …

119 Medved Trader (full)

[show_rating rating=0] Builder for IB, Under $200 annual, IB chat suggested this but said that they do not yet have automation for indicators; This appears to have changed upon examination of the site. Has options but no automation y …

118 Market Warrior (real-time chat room)

[show_rating rating=0] $49 per month (paid annualy); might not support Wealth Lab Pro from Fidelity

117 Market Data Express (Excel)

[show_rating rating=0] Buy data direct from CBOE to be used with TA-Lib

116 LIM’s XMIM (Morningstar)

[show_rating rating=0] Can’t tell what it provides for backtesting.

115 Key2 Options (options, algo builder, and trading) – worthy of review

[show_rating rating=1] Test for $10, purchase for $200 mo Feb1 – Recommended by post in stack exchange; no response to chat on site; sent message via web form; no responses …

114 KDB+ (institutional)

[show_rating rating=0] Backtesting for pros according to but when I downloaded it it produced a q.exe file and no documentation on where to go fr …

113 Interactive Brokers (platform and broker)

[show_rating rating=4] Allows lots of connectivity for outside platforms, no built-in algo tools, all third party, has options Software List Charting https://gdcdyn.interac …

112 Getvolatility (options backtesting)

[show_rating rating=0] Expensive at $99 – $299 per month, but if it’s used for back-testing only, requires a credit card to test, message sent

111 Finviz (futures and forex backtesting)

[show_rating rating=0] Backtesting and data, but no code builder, $25mo, futures and forex

110 eSignal (trading platform)

[show_rating rating=4]

Significant cost, haven’t tested, very mainstream

109 eOption (options, no algo)

[show_rating rating=0] – No algo support per email

108 EA Builder (web-based strategy builder)

[show_rating rating=0]

107 Dough by Tastyworks (platform add-on)

[show_rating rating=0] Credit side; Platform add-on for Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

106 DiscordApp (real-time chat room)

[show_rating rating=0] I thought this was $100 and has no recurring costs; Not sure when trial ends or if it does though. I saw some advertising for it that looked like it was free period. Might be 100% free.

105 Deltix Lab

[show_rating rating=0] Priced for hedge fund managers Kent suggested as an alternative; Smartquant is also very expensive but the smallest package is only $99 per mo, up to 20k per year.

104 Collective2 (algos)

[show_rating rating=2] Not seeing any code… Once appeared to autotrade options web based returns many results, no option automation for collective2 per product support person, has chat before you login but after logging in appears to open a ticket which …

103 Algotrader (algo)

[show_rating rating=1] Algotrader for IB, trial version and web based demo, email sent with price request but no reply, backtest functionality appears to be limited

102 Algonet Explorer (shared algo building)

[show_rating rating=0] This appears that it might work. Joined mailing list, but can’t login or download, pricing info to be announced, 5 min intraday

101 (strategy logic)

[show_rating rating=1] – non specific trading platform, use their language and builder to create independent strategies