Social Interests

What kinds of things do you do a lot of?

Some of my social interests include…

Solving Problems:
  I really enjoy solving all manner of problems and I spend a lot of time here.

Buying and Selling:  I like buying things and selling them and that includes everything from the stock market to marketable goods. A friend recently turned me onto this app called Made in China where you can buy anything from cars and trucks to sunglasses at significantly lower prices than in the US. Amazon doesn’t even come close to some of these prices.

Cooking:  I like cooking healthy and efficiently and recently found that my Microwave baked potato is only about 150 calories by itself. I found a TV dinner that consists of BBQ beef and vegies that makes it very filling but brings the calorie count up to about 400 total. The Instant Pot uses steam to cook and needs only 300 watts of power. This is definitely a game-changer for lots of important reasons. I have also found a low-calorie snack to replace movie pop-corn with a chocolate-like covering for cucumbers. A tiny amount of prep and no prior refrigeration is needed. Who knew?

Pickleball:  I love this sport. It’s incredible for “lots” of important reasons!  I currently play twice a week at my church but would play every day if I could. Pickleball can be played with either two or four people that can rotate out between each short match to 11 points. It works well for older people and younger people. You can fit up to four (4) courts side-by-side in the area the size of a basketball court. The sport is one of, if not ‘the’ fastest-growing sport in America and is being used to re-purpose old Tennis courts and gymnasiums all across the country. It was originally played on city streets with the first known game in the 1960s and is coined after a dog named Pickle. This sport has so much potential.

Chess:  I still play Chess periodically. It’s a great thing to learn if you spend a lot of time indoors or not fully mobile. Many people know how to play and it can be played both in-person and online.

Movies:  This used to be a favorite way to take a break for me but not having a suitable replacement for a small bag of 700 calorie popcorn had me stumped until now! See cooking above.