Social Interests

  1. Solving Problems:  I enjoy solving all manner of problems and I spend a lot of time here.
  2. Buying and Selling:  I like buying and selling. This includes everything from stocks and stock options to marketable goods and services. A friend recently turned me onto this app called Made in China where you can buy anything from cars and trucks to sunglasses at significantly lower prices than in the US. Amazon doesn’t even come close to some of these prices.
  3. Cooking:  I like finding new healthy food alternatives that are easily obtainable and that I enjoy eating. One new piece of information that I was previously unaware of is that a microwave baked potato is only about 150 calories by itself. I found a TV dinner that consists of BBQ beef, veggies, and potatoes that I enjoy for 260 calories. According to the My Fitness Pal application on my Android phone, People only need to stay under about 1200-1500 calories per day to lose 2 lbs per week. I have recently purchased an Instant Pot. This device uses steam to cook and the 3-quart version only needs 300 watts of power, making it able to be run safely and for long periods of time from the back my Jeep. This device is definitely a game-changer when it comes to cooking for lots of important reasons. I have recently begun perfecting a low-calorie snack to replace movie pop-corn with. The choice is strawberries, diced, toothpicks, and either dark chocolate, or even no-calorie chocolate that is now available from Amazon. See my homepage at for more information about this topic and the related project behind it.
  4. Pickleball: This sport has become the fastest-growing sport in the country. I currently play twice a week at my church but would play every day if I could. Pickleball can be played with either two (2) or four (4) people that can rotate out between each short match to either 9 or 11 points. It works well for older people and younger people due to it’s low-impact. You can have three (3) courts side-by-side in the area the size of a basketball court, with plenty of room to spare. Pickleball is being played on Tennis courts, in driveways, on Basketball courts, and in gymnasiums all across the country. It was originally played on city streets with the first known game in the 1960s and the name Pickleball is coined after a dog named Pickle. This sport has so much potential both on the court for players, and off-court for spectators and others that might wish to gather. Here is a USA Today article on the growing popularity of Pickleball Here is a YouTube video that introduces this sport The scoring rules, as well as another introductory video, are also shown on the author’s website here
  5. Chess:  I still play Chess periodically. It’s a great thing to learn if you spend a lot of time indoors or are not fully mobile. Many people know how to play and it can be played both in-person and online. It’s perfect for people who spend lots of time indoors.
  6. Movies:  This used to be a favorite way to take a break for me but not having a suitable replacement for a small bag of 700 calorie popcorn had me stumped until now!