Development Work

We have A LOT of work in WordPress (javascript, php, css)!
 We are using a child theme for Divi as well as many plugins which include Formidable and wpDataTables.
 Please click on Google Live Chat if you are serious about going immediately to work in helping us.

Some useful links:

  1. WordPress: WpBeginner, WordPress Codex
  2. Javascript and Jquery: W3Schools/JS, W3Schools/JQuery, Jquery Learning Center
  3. PHP: W3Schools/PHP,
  4. CSS: W3Schools/CSS
  5. Divi Theme: Elegant Themes Documentation, Divi Soup
  6. Formidable: A Complete Guide (includes Divi section), Formidable Forms Knowledgebase
  7. wpdatatables: Documentation
  8. Web Page Debugging Tools: for Chrome, for Firefox
  9. PHP and Javascript debugging:
    NOTE: we’ve extended the WP{ PHP Console plugin with a custom plugin cwg-debug, which has two functions:
    dump_objects($object, $desc) – recursive function to send all information about a PHP object
    debug($msg) – send an information string
    Placing these in PHP code when the wp-phpconsole and cwg-debug plugins are activated will produce messages to the chrome javascript console.


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PAYMENTS – Payments are made after changes to staging are made Live by Chuck or myself and can be sales related, task related, or based on the time clock below. In order to work hourly, our time clock must be used. If regular work is offered either hourly or per project, then you will have to have our tracker also installed and activated during the entire time you are clocked in.

TIME CLOCK – Click this picture to see what the clock in and clock out page looks like. You may request access to clock-in and clock-out as needed, but please wait to request this access until after you have spoken with one of us in Google Hangouts or Skype. See the big red buttons on the side of this page for both the Skype and Google Hangout options. You will have to be consistently available via Google Hangouts during the entire time you are clocked in and that time will need to be during US market hours which is between 8:30am-3:30pm central time. My current time is shown here

WORDPRESS BEST PRACTICES – We do not modify WordPress core, theme files, or plugin files. All changes are made in the child theme or in a custom plugin.

CLEARLY DOCUMENT CHANGES – You will do all your work in our staging site before we take your changes live. We always need a clear record of changes made to the staging site via comments for each task listed in our project management page here so that we can quickly and easily replicate on the Live site.Payments are made after changes to staging are made.

Fix plugin that is supposed to re-enable permalinks after wp time capsule runs.

This custom plugin is called tedpenner-staging-mods.php and is in the /wp-content/mu-plugins directory.

In order to be considered for this task, you must join the on-going discussion about it by clicking on the first red button on the right of the first tab.

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We have other tasks in our task management system but we require a clear understanding that you know what you are doing well enough to do the tasks already shown here first.