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The purpose of this blog is to allow the exploration of various resources available to active and long-term traders and investors, and to filter for platforms that have new capabilities such as those that allow custom coding for both institutional and non-institutional investors. Feel free to add additional items and make suggestions. This information is intended to be collaborative and no claim is made as to the accuracy of the information at any time.

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Recognia (appeared to be a screener) Top of list when typed in strategy builder with the web search, interactive brokers was third which looks more like a screener, They are trying to understand my option trade; answer is essentially no, not very good from what i can see. Google search for strategy builders

Wealth Lab Pro by Fidelity (broker and platforms) – active backtesting work here

Find a symbol (Fidelity): Screener Programming Guide for WLP v6.9 Download Active Trader Pro Download Wealth-Lab Pro Tickets (WLP): Forum (WLP): Real-time Chat (Fidelity)

Tradespoon (screener) Performance $39 per mo for Active Trader only