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The Blueprint (protective put strategy)

www.poweropt.com Ernie co-author (302) 992 7971 found in phone as Mike Chupka; I called on Fri 10/14/16 good info and was encouraged to call back after 14 day trial of site. www.radioactivetrading.com/free-sketch-b.asp?vers=2&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=marriedput&utm_term=protective%20put&gclid=CMzrs7PHy88CFQqqaQodlewDwA Original Protective Put Strategy. These folks have a chat room at marketwarrior I think? http://blog.radioactivetrading.com/2010/02/a-married-put-beats-a-covered-call-three-ways/ The Option Club http://www.theoptionclub.com/ The blueprint examined http://www.theoptionclub.com/radioactive_trading_review_-_kurt_frankenberg_trades_married_puts/