The purpose of this blog is to allow the exploration of various resources available to active and long-term traders and investors, and to filter for platforms that have new capabilities such as those that allow custom coding for both institutional and non-institutional investors. Feel free to add additional items and make suggestions. This information is intended to be collaborative and no claim is made as to the accuracy of the information at any time.

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Collective2 (algos) Not seeing any code... Once appeared to autotrade options web based returns many results, no option automation for collective2 per product support person, has chat before you login but after logging in appears to open a ticket which does go to your email; person in chat said they would ask about a coding platform for option traders

KDB+ (institutional) Backtesting for pros according to but when I downloaded it it produced a q.exe file and no documentation on where to go from there.

Quantopian Coding Platform

No options, no builder, full platform though. Learn to code here in python, email lots later, they say they can do the ema cross stuff, but no options support, claim to be the only full platform per notes with exception of options


options support clearly stated on page full platform with rule based builder, free trial, might be web based Could provide some chat functionality, does have strategy building; Lifetime pricing looks reasonable; never responded in forum.

Key2 Options (options, algo builder, and trading) – worthy of review Test for $10, purchase for $200 mo Feb1 - Recommended by post in stack exchange; no response to chat on site; sent message via web form; no responses; apparently support is not really there. Looked at page again on 4-5-2017 looked pretty good, concerned about support and cost

Wealth Lab Pro by Fidelity (broker and platforms) – active backtesting work here

Find a symbol (Fidelity): Screener Programming Guide for WLP v6.9 Download Active Trader Pro Download Wealth-Lab Pro Tickets (WLP): Forum (WLP): Real-time Chat (Fidelity)