My name is Ted Penner.

If you are just looking for my resume, it is available here  It is current and shows my work history.

If you are looking to get in contact with me, then the fastest way will be through text message at 254-214-3013, or through the Contact Me navigation link in the top right-hand corner of this website.

Biography (short version):

I have a BS in I.T. Systems Engineering and have been doing all manner of I.T. work since the beginning of time. 

I have managed I.T. systems professionals and programmers from all over the world, and hold a vast array of certifications, including several in the field of Cyber Security.

I have a solid grasp of all aspects of the I.T. field and have held a public-trust clearance issued by the DOD.

I now prefer to work mostly from my home office in Waco, TX where my primary interest is in providing algorithmic systems testing for day-traders and others interested in algorithmic trading.