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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Ted Penner.  If you are looking for my resume, it is available here  It is current and shows my work history.

I have been a Programming and I.T. Services Manager for virtually my entire life and have managed I.T. professionals and programmers from all over the world. I have a solid grasp of the field and now work from my home office in Waco, TX. 

In part to illustrate my proficiency in managing high-level programming projects, and in part for my own benefit, I have 
developed a “framework” for options traders and developers of option strategies. This framework seeks to provide leverage without the margin and overnight risks generally associated with options trading.

Note that while I have included a basic strategy (or rule-set) for the purpose of showing you this in the screenshot below, it is the “framework” that I am illustrating. This framework is separate from the sample rule-set designed to get you in and out of the market. Those rules can be used as is, or changed to virtually anything, and can be incorporated into the framework.

To see this framework applied to something that “you” might trade, simply pick a stock symbol and enter it here.  I will then take that symbol and “simulate” a day trade on a derivative of that stock known as a stock option, and return the results to you. There is no charge for this service.

Ted R Penner
Text Message: 254-214-3013