Thanks in large part to trader and Ph.D. author Andrew Aziz, this journey continues to be an exciting one. My strategies are evolving and appear to have tremendous promise at this stage of testing. If you are in the Waco area and would like to get together for lunch or otherwise, then I hope you will get in touch. I often find that I can learn just as much from others as they can from me, and I always enjoy the collaboration.

Just for Fun – Pick a Stock

Pick any stock that you think might move significantly in one direction or the other during an upcoming market session. We will simulate it for you in a demo account and then show you what those results might have looked like.


  1. Pick any stock or exchange traded fund.
  2. After you have something in mind that you want to try, then just type it into the field to the right, and click the “Show Me” button.
  3. We will test it for you in a simulated account, and then return those results to you via phone or email.

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Disclaimer – Risk Management

All trading involves risk and one should never trade with money they can’t afford to lose!  My personal statements are as a trader and investor only, are just opinions and/or observations at best, and are not to be misconstrued as investment advice.  I am a trader, and not a licensed adviser or broker.

Many investors agree with the following potential decisions:

  • Short-term (trading): One should not risk more than 2% of their trading capital on any short-term trade and should not take on margin risk.
  • Long-term (investing): One should use protective puts (leap options) to manage risk on long-term assets.