Tech Tips

I’ve been in the I.T. business in Waco for many years and the time has come for to share some of what I know in an effort to support and show my gratitude to my loyal customers from years past. From a future perspective though, it makes much more sense to me today, to focus on the programming side of the business, and all the things computers can DO, and leave the repair in your very capable hands!

As always, I still value your business, and can be reached at 254-214-3013 whenever you need help.

However, if you need assistance with “repair”, please complete The Three Minute Guide below before calling.  You just might surprise yourself!

At least 90% of all basic repairs fall into the ‘infected’ category.  If your PC is slow or you are having difficulty bring up web pages, it is EXTREMELY LIKELY that your PC infected. Most of the time, this infection is NOT a virus which is why Anti-Virus programs have a hard time catching it.

Slowdowns are generally due to poorly written browser plugins, spyware and malware.

Here are the steps you should take, in any order (3+ minutes):

STEP 1. – PLUGINS – Uninstall plugins from your browsers. This is listed first because in many cases, it is the number one thing you can do to speed up a computer and make it run more efficiently. Install Avast If you haven’t already. It can be used to quickly remove any browser plugins with their browser plugin removal feature. – est 1 minute

STEP 2. – STARTUP ITEMS or RESET – From the Windows button (lower left) of any Windows computer, type “msconfig” to bring up the System Configuration Editor. Once there, simply click on the startup tab and disable unwanted startup items. – est 2 minutes
Another choice here that is more drastic is to type “Reset”. This will bring up the Windows “Reset this PC” menu of options.

STEP 3. – SOFTWARE – Remove any unwanted programs. Even any anti-virus and/or anti-malware products if you do not recognize the name or think you may have installed as a result of misleading advertising. The anti-virus package itself could be malware. – est time varies widely.