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We are using a child theme for Divi as well as many plugins which include Formidable and wpDataTables.
Here are some useful links for devlopers:
  1. WordPress: WpBeginnerWordPress Codex
  2. Javascript and Jquery: W3Schools/JSW3Schools/JQueryJquery Learning Center
  3. PHP: W3Schools/
  4. CSS: W3Schools/CSS
  5. Divi Theme: Elegant Themes DocumentationDivi Soup
  6. Formidable: A Complete Guide (includes Divi section)Formidable Forms Knowledgebase
  7. wpdatatables: Documentation
  8. Web Page Debugging Tools: for Chrome, for Firefox
  9. PHP and Javascript debugging:
    NOTE: we’ve extended the WP{ PHP Console plugin with a custom plugin cwg-debug, which has two functions:
    dump_objects($object, $desc) – recursive function to send all information about a PHP object
    debug($msg) – send an information string
    Placing these in PHP code when the wp-phpconsole and cwg-debug plugins are activated will produce messages to the chrome javascript console.

PAY – OPTION ONE (per task) – Preferred
We pay $5 per numbered task ‘or’ $2 hr (see below option 2). We are easy to work for and any objective can be shortened to a smaller deliverable as long as it is defined as a separate, numbered objective prior to its completion.

PAY – OPTION TWO (per hour) – Requires clocking-in/out
Hourly doesn’t usually work unless the deliverable is very clear. If you would like to work hourly instead of per-objective, then I must know that ahead of time and agree to it. The rate for hourly is $2 per hour. You also must check-in and check-out on our spreadsheet and have a comment on each time block. Most people find it much more difficult to work hourly and I prefer per-objective.

This is the most critical time to contact me daily.
The best way to contact me as via Google Chat
8:00 am – Central Time
7:30 pm – India Time

4 pm (or later) – Central Time
3:30 am (or later) – India Time

** All numbered tasks have a same day deadline


Challenges of working with people in India and other countries:

They can’t always stay in online, connected status.
In some cases, they might have to rent online time and/or the system on a per hour or even per minute basis.
They may have marginal systems, internet, mobile, etc.
Some may work from a library or rented computers where they aren’t allowed to install anything but are afraid to admit it.
Some may try to work from phones.
Sending audio discouraged due to bandwidth problems.


Reading Test:

Please read the following using Snagit downloaded for free from

The reason for this reading test is to establish that we have solid audio and visual communication and can transmit that communication as needed by sending only a link. If you have never done this before, you will be very happy by the end of it as it makes good communication virtually effortless.

Once you have installed Snagit, please use it to record yourself reading the two paragraphs below.

Justin was always prepared. His motto was “Never throw anything out, you never know when it might come in handy.” His bedroom was so full of flat bicycle tires, bent tennis rackets, deflated basketballs, and games with missing pieces that you could barely get in the door. His parents pleaded with him to clean out his room.

“What use is a fish tank with a hole in the bottom?” his father asked. But Justin simply smiled and repeated his motto, “Never throw anything out, you never know when it might come in handy.”